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Drama - Survival

Flight of the Phoenix

Released 2004 Rating 12A in UK
Director John Moore Writer/s Scott Frank, Edward Burns
Starring Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Giovanni Ribisi, Hugh Laurie
Source of story A 1965 film, screenplay by Lukas Heller
Elevator Pitch A plane carrying a bunch of oil workers and their boss, back to base after failing to find oil, crashes in a remote sector of the Gobi desert. Their only hope is to construct a flying machine from the remains of the original aircraft.
Content Some views of a plane flying in a sand storm, people engaged in plane building and often shouting at each other. There are some casualties at different points in the movie.
A View It is hard to feel anything for this group of characters. Even Hugh Laurie, included as the token villain, is not really villainous. Apparently their Heath Robinson plane was actually a model, which flew (sorry, bit of a spoiler, but you knew it was going to). The plot is so simple that perhaps you could be watching this while doing something else.

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