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2010 - 2012, Action, Drama - Conspiracy

The Expatriate

Released 2012 Rating 15 in UK
Director Phillip Stölzl Writer/s Arash Amel
Starring Aaron Eckart, Olga Kurylenko
Source of story An original screenplay
Elevator Pitch A former CIA man with a role in the security of a Belgian company is forced to go on the run with his estranged daughter when it becomes apparent that his former employers, or more shadowy organisations, are out to get him. Can he survive and solve the riddle of the conspiracy?
Content An amazing number of people are killed mainly with handguns, but other methods are available. One car crash. No sex or nudity.
A View This film must be in contention for the the highest body count after StarWars (billions), but I had a job to follow it amid the relentless terminations of almost everyone in sight. If you fancy watching it, make sure you are in a darkened room with the sound turned up.

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