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Comedy - Adult

Trading Places

Released 1983 Rating 15 in UK
Director John Landis Writer/s Timothy Harris, Herschel Weingrod
Starring Dan Akroyd, Eddie Murphy, Don Ameche, Jamie Lee Curtis, Denholm Elliott, Ralph Bellamy, Frank Oz, James Belushi
Source of story An original screenplay
Elevator Pitch At the whim of a couple of financiers a homeless man and a young businessman have their places changed. How will the street hustler manage as a financial trader, and how will the young man used to experiencing a life of priviledge survive?
Content There are prostitutes in this film, so some nudity, and young women in their underwear, but all played for laughs. No actual violence but some handguns involved.
A View This is a movie you can watch a few times because it is such fun. But I never quite understood one aspect of it, but having seen “The Big Short” now I do. So just to help out “shorting” is gambling on the likely reduction in the price of something. You make contracts to supply a share or commodity at a certain price at a future date, but when the date arrives you are able to buy the item you are about to sell much more cheaply than the contracted price, so you win.

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