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Action, Drama - Conspiracy

Escape Plan

Released 2013 Rating 15 in UK
Director Mikael Hafstrom Writer/s Miles Chapman, Jason Keller
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent, Jim Caveizel, Sam Neill, Vinnie Jones
Source of story An original screenplay
Elevator Pitch An expert in prison security, who usually determines the weaknesses in such facilities by escaping from them, is incarcerated in a super prison for real, and with the help of a fellow prisoner must work out how to escape.
Content Quite a bit of fighting in the prisons, some violence by the prison guards, some gun battles. Quite a bit of talking to keep us abreast of the plot.
A View There is a certain amout of fun in seeing Arnie and Sly in the same film (Arnie is surprisingly good) but beyond that it plays out slowly towards the finale. It is not too much of a revelation that the super prison turns out to be a ship, and they find out where it is by taking a moon sight with a sextant made from a pen and a pair of spectacles.

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