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Drama - Conspiracy


Released 2005 Rating 15 in UK
Director Stephen Gaghan Writer/s Stephen Gaghan
Starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright, Mazhar Munir, Christopher Plummer, Chris Cooper, Amanda Peet, William Hurt, Mark Strong.
Source of story Book by Robert Baer
Elevator Pitch A multi-stranded tale involving the US oil industry, the CIA and middle eastern potentates. There is an amalgamation of two oil companies making workers redundant and radicalising them and a change of allegiance from the Americans to the Chinese, making the CIA keen to redress the balance. The strands come together in a dramatic climax.
Content Lots of people in suits talking, meetings in darkened rooms. Some torture, some explosions. The death of one child due to electrocution.
A View This is a complex story which takes a lot of watching, and some of it is quite difficult to follow, however as we move towards the climax it begins to make sense. Although I am a bit of a fan of conspiracy stories I did not really buy this one. It smacked of 19th century gunboat diplomacy. George Clooney won a “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar.

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