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1990s, Action, Drama - Terrorism

The Siege

Released 1998 Rating 15 in UK
Director Edward Zwick Writer/s Lawrence Wright, Edward Zwick
Starring Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Annette Bening, Tony Shalhoub,
Source of story An original screenplay
Elevator Pitch New York is under attack from terrorist cells, making increasingly violent attacks on the infastructure. A senior FBI agent leads the search for the bombers, assisted (or not) by a female CIA agent and hampered by a gung-hu general who establishes martial law in the city.
Content Lots of gunfire, some explosions and a bit of torture. Some implied sexual activity and male nudity.
A View We can see how this is going from quite early on, and it moves along OK, with reasonable interaction between the main players. Not top of my list and probably better if you are a Denzil Washington fan.

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