Cam Gigandet

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Pandorum (2009)

Duration 1h 48m Ratings UK: 15, USA: R, Spain: 18  Source of story An original screenplay Director Christian Alvert Writers/Script Travis Milloy Starring Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, Antje traue, Eddie Rouse, Norman Readus,  Ratings IMDb: 6.7/10 by 149,602 people.¬†¬†Rotten Tomatoes: 30% by 90 reviewers. Review2view: 7.5/10. Elevator Pitch: The intergalactic space craft Elysium is on … Continue reading

In The Blood

Released 2014 Rating (UK) 18 (Difficult to see why) Source of story An original screenplay Writer/s script James Robert Johnson, Bennet Yellin Director John Stockwell Starring Gina Carano, Cam Gigandet, Danny Trejo, Luis Guzman Elevator Pitch A woman with a past which includes martial arts training marries well, and she and her rich husband go … Continue reading