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Pandorum (2009)

Duration 1h 48m Ratings UK: 15, USA: R, Spain: 18  Source of story An original screenplay Director Christian Alvert Writers/Script Travis Milloy Starring Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, Antje traue, Eddie Rouse, Norman Readus,  Ratings IMDb: 6.7/10 by 149,602 people.¬†¬†Rotten Tomatoes: 30% by 90 reviewers. Review2view: 7.5/10. Elevator Pitch: The intergalactic space craft Elysium is on … Continue reading

Hostiles (2017)

Duration 2h 14m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story An original screenplay Director Scott Cooper Writers/Script Scott Cooper from a manuscript by Donald E. Stewart Starring Rosamund Pike, Christian Bale, Jeese Plemons, Timothee Chalamet, Peter Mullan, Ben Foster Elevator Pitch: In 1892 a veteran cavalry officer is given the task of escorting a Cheyenne chief … Continue reading

30 Days of Night (2007)

Elevator Pitch Barrow, Alaska is the most northen city in the United States and for 30 days in mid winter the sun never rises above the horizon. During this period many of the townsfolk emigrate to sunnier places, but a few people remain, including the sheriff and his estranged wife. As darkness is falling a … Continue reading

Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)

Elevator Pitch The Warcraft universe contains a number of loosely related races on the side of the good, humans, dwarfs and elves and on the evil side orcs of one sort or another and some lesser races only seen imprisoned in cages in semi-darkness. Both sides have people capable of invoking magic spells and if … Continue reading

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013)

Duration 1h 36m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story An original screenplay Director David Lowery Writers/Script David Lowery Starring Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Keith Carradine Elevator Pitch When a couple are chased down by the police after taking part in a robbery in Texas, the female shoots and wounds a policeman for which … Continue reading

3.10 to Yuma (2007)

Duration 2h 2m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story A short story by Elmore Leonard and probably the 1957 film of the same name starring Glen Ford. Writers/Script Halsted Welles, Michael Brandt, Derek Haas Additional Info The western towns were built on the Cerro Pelon Ranch in New Mexico, the scene of many westerns starting … Continue reading

Hell or High Water (2017 in Spain)

Released 2016 Rating (UK) 15 Source of story An original screenplay Writer/s script Taylor Sheridan Director David Mackenzie Starring Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Gil Birmingham Elevator Pitch When oil is discovered on a ranch effectively owned by a bank because their mother, now dead, has taken out a reverse mortgage, two brothers decide … Continue reading

The Mechanic

Released 2011 Rating 15 in UK Director Simon West Writer/s Richard Wenk, Lewis John Carlino Starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland Source of story A 1972 film of the same name Elevator Pitch A sophisticated assassin whose hits are programmed by a shadowy organisation, is required to carry out the termination of his mentor, … Continue reading