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In the Name of the King (2007)

Duration2h 7m
RatingsUK: 12, USA: PG-13, Spain: 7
Source of storyApparently a video game: Dungeon Siege.
DirectorUwe Boll
Writers/ScriptDoug Taylor, Jason Rappaport, Dan Stroncak
StarringJason Statham, Leelee Sobieski, Ron Perlman, Claire Forlani, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds,
RatingsIMDb: 3.8/10 by 49,445 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: 4% by 52 reviewers. Review2view: 3/10.

Summary: In a medieval environment the life of a farmer( known as farmer) is disrupted then his village is attached by beastlike beings who kill hi son and carry off his wife. Meanwhile in the king’s castle, the king’s nephew Fallow shows himself to be a feckless idiot. It turns out that the army of beastlike people is commanded by an evil wizard who seems to reside in a subterranean cave. Farmer and his relatives make their way through a forest, helped by some tree dwelling people. Later it is revealed that Farmer is really the king’s long lost son, but then Fellow and the army of darkness take on the king’s forces sometimes gaining the upper hand, and finally killing the king, and taking some of Farmer’s people prisoner. How will it all work out?

Content: The farmer farms. The lady’s clothing of the time involves some cleavage, but no sex or actual nudity. I don’t think there is any drinking or smoking. There are constant battles and skirmishes between the good people and the bad people, and finally quite a major battle in a forest. The evil wizard is seen at work, controlling the beastlike army. A good wizard advises the king, who is finally killed. In the forest, people live in the trees, mostly good looking young women.

A View: I am not averse to a bit of video game to film,. Or actually medieval environments, but I am with the critics who though this was terrible. It was nominated in five categories of the Razzies, and the director won Worst Director. It lost a fortune. As well as having a virtually impenetrable plot the acting was pretty terrible, and we might wonder how a farmer had achieved wonderful martial arts skills. Even that aspect of Jason Statham’s capabilities was out of place. So in short, if like me you like a bit of video game film, or martial arts or Lord of the Rings sort of stuff, still give this disaster a miss.

26 video game films have been reviewed on this site. They include: Doom2: Annihilation, Need for Speed, and Assassin’s Creed.

26 video game films have been reviewed on this site. They include: Doom2: Annihilation, Need for Speed, and Assassin’s Creed.

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