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Fantasy - Sourcery, Horror - Demons, Wishmaster

Wishmaster 4: The Prophesy Fulfilled (2002)

Duration1h 30m
RatingsUK: 18, USA: R, Spain: 18 
Source of storyThe first three films, chracters created by Peter Atkins
DirectorChris Angel
Writers/ScriptJohn Benjamin Martin
StarringTara Spencer-Nairn, Michael Trucco, Jason Thompson, John Novak
RatingsIMDb: 4.0 by 3500 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: 20% by 5 critics .

Elevator Pitch: In this version of the world a multitude of Djins inhabit the space between earth and heaven/hell and if one becomes earthbound he must get a human to ask for three wishes which he will grant, and as a result all the Djins will be released into the world. The Djin takes on the persona of Lisa’s partner in work, Steven, who already has a crush on her, but she is married to Sam, now bitter having been injured in a motor cycle accident and is wheelchair bound. The Djin fulfils people’s wishes, always unexpectedly and Lisa wishes for Sam to be able to walk again. She is attracted by the new version of Steven but her third wish is that ‘I wish I could love you for who you really are’. Can the Djin gain her love and so fulfil the prophesy.

Content: There is sex with “thrusting” and quite a bit of related nudity, also an extended scene in a pole dancing club with a naked fire eater. There is quite a bit of drinking. The Djin appears in his natural unpleasant form quite a bit, more often as we approach the climax. Sam and Lisa argue a bit. The Djin grants a few wishes in unexpected ways. Rather weirdly an angel, dressed in black with a big sword joins the drama whose task is to kill Lisa to stop the third wish being granted. However he beheads people randomly and is beaten in combat by the Djin.

A View: This was a straight to video outing which was not much liked by anyone. At this point I have seen the first of the franchise and this one and it seems that they spent more money on the first one.. I thought that the third wish was quite an unusual twist, and there is more which made it sort of watchable. I thought that the actors earned their money and I have seen worse in my quest to try to provide informed reviews for my visitors. This one – well you could have it on while doing your knitting.

Additional Info: Filmed back to back with Wishmaster 3, the job done in 16 days!

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