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Action -Spies

Stratton (2017)

Duration1h 34m
RatingsUK: 15, USA: R, Denmark: 15 
Source of storyBased on a series of novels by Duncan Falconer
DirectorSimon West
Writers/ScriptWarren Davis II, Duncan Falconer
StarringDominic Cooper, Austin Stowell, Gemma Chan, Connie Nielsen, Tom Felton, Thomas Kretchmann, Derek Jacobi, 
RatingsIMDb: 4.8 by 4,673 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: 0% by only a few reviewers.

Elevator Pitch: A renegade Russian secret service man commissions the development of a drone to carry a biological weapon capable of killing many thousands of people in built-up areas. Step forward a branch of the British MI6 organisation in the person of Sergeant Stratton who with support track the villain in an attempt to frustrate his plans. At times they are close to him, but he always eludes them, even though they manage to capture one of his drones. As it becomes apparent that the target for the drone attack is to be London the efforts to take or kill him become more urgent, but the secret service has a mole, providing their quarry with information.

Content: No sex or nudity. A bit of drinking in various environments, mainly of hard liquor. The attack on the bio factory takes place, with a shoot out and a car chase in a vast warehouse. Stratton’s side kick is killed allowing for the recruitment of an American Navy Seal man. There are stakeouts in Italy and car chases. Meetings take place in the secret service offices, and Stratton spends a bit of time with his ancient foster father on his barge. Towards the end there is an extensive boat chase on various areas of London’s docklands. 

A View: The few critics who endured this film did not like it, and it is difficult to see how it could have been otherwise. The film followed what might almost be called the standard James Bond process. We see the spies carrying out a raid, with a casualty, and mostly they dash about in black gear in that slight crouch with an assault weapon at the ready. Finally working up to the boat chase and then a weird finale. It has a plot, although it was never clear to me quite why London had been targeted, but other than that I was not engaged. Yet another film you might have on while doing something else.

Additional Info: Henry Cavill dropped out of the film due apparently to “creative differences”.   

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