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Horror - Monsters, Sci-Fi - Invasion of Earth

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction

Duration1h 34m
RatingsUK: 15, USA: R: Spain: 18.
Source of storyIt is a sequel, virtually a continuation of the original “Decoys”.
DirectorJeffery Lando
Writers/ScriptMiguel Tejada-Flores
StarringCorey Sevier, Dina Meyer, Tobin Bell
RatingsIMDb: 4.6 by 2246 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: No professional review.

Elevator Pitch: We know from the get-go, due to a scene with a couple making out in a car, that there are aliens disguised as young women on campus and that, during sex, tendrils burst out of their abdomens and kill the male participant. Also on campus is a post grad student who is a survivor of a previous similar alien invasion whose psychiatrist is determined that has experiences are hallucinations. To make things even more complex the young male students are engaged in a competition to see who can get off with the most females students. How will it pan out?

Content: So, there is a lot of sex, with young blonde women wearing spangly bras and sometimes not wearing them.  The plot allows the aliens to identify the young men’s possible fetishes and then to magically appear suitably clothed to fulfil them, so making them irresistible, but apparently making the conclusion of the act unsatisfactorily rapid. As the narrative develops we see the man dealing with the shrink having problems (The shrink is so good looking that I thought she would be an alien) and sometimes the aliens appear in their true form. But they have vulnerability.

A View: This was a straight to DVD film produced at a very moderate cost and was not liked much by the very few people who bothered to give it a rating on IMDb. It is a more or less standard college student type horror film which allows for the presentation of a lot of good looking young people with not very many cloths on but there was a story and I thought they did their best to make it work rather than just teasing us. I have seen a lot worse.

Additional info: Mostly filmed at the University of Alberta.

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