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Drama - Crime, Woody Allen

Cassandra’a Dream (2007)

Duration1h 48m
RatingsUK: 12, USA: 
Source of storyAn original screenplay
DirectorWoody Allen
Writers/ScriptWoody Allen
StarringEwan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Hayley Atwell, Sally Hawkins, Tom Wilkinson, Phil Davis
RatingsIMDb: 6.7 by 50,129 people .  Rotten Tomatoes: 46% by 116 reviewers.

Elevator Pitch: Two brothers Terry and Ian buy a small sailing boat, Cassandra’s Dream, with the proceeds of a win at the dogs. But Terry, a mechanic, is addicted to gambling and unwisely joins a big time poker game where he loses £90,000. Ian has his own problems. He has fallen for a glamourous actress and is masquerading as a posh financier. The solution to their problems may be their uncle Howard. Howard expresses a willingness to help them with the money, but he requires them to carry out a murder for him, in return. 

Content: No sex or nudity but a lot of drinking, although I suspect that Ian only drank water. There are a number of outings on the boat at various times, some of them crucial. Terry takes part in card games in smoky back rooms. Ian borrows an XK120 from the garage where Terry works to impress the actress and attends plays in which she is participating. The boys have meetings with Uncle Howard and when it comes to carrying out the murder they are fearful.

A View: This is a very strange film. Although we know that Cassandra was a prophetess whose foretellings were foolishly ignored, the boat is almost a non- participant in the plot. And Colin Farrell, an Irishman and Ewan McGregor a Scot, being cast a Cockneys appears to be a bit of fun on the part of the film maker, but not as far as we can tell. There is also no Woody Allen part in it and absolutely no jokes. So what was it all about? Who knows. Only a film for those wishing to complete their Woody Allen folios.Additional info: It is said that the director had a job to tell McGregor and Farrell apart. 

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