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Vampz! (2019)

Duration1h 16m
RatingsUK: None, USA: None 
Source of storyIs there a screenplay, if so it is original
DirectorRamsey Attia
Writers/ScriptOmar Attia, Leonard Bucceliato
StarringLilly Lumiere, Christal Renee, Cliff Hunter
RatingsIMDb: 3.4 by 87 people.  Rotten Tomatoes:

Elevator Pitch: A brother and sister argue over the fact that the sister claims to be a vampire, but they are gobsmacked when a young woman dressed as a cheerleader arrives to become a house sharer and she actually is a vampire. Out in the street a young man with a sharpened stake says he is going to stake the vampire in the house, but (here it becomes confusing) when in the house he is bitten by the vampire. He becomes a vampire I think but he and the women must band together against a werewolf.

Content: A lot of rambling about in the dark and some inconsequential dialogue. Although the vampire bites some people there is no blood. Even when she spits something out it does not appear to be blood.  

A View: This is a terrible film which was shown on Spanish cable TV. I sometimes watch one, almost none any good, but this one is beyond the pale. One of the films which someone thought they could make based only on an idea, and probably without a script until the day the cameras rolled. 

Additional Info: Only 87 people expressed a view on IMDb – a record for this site.

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