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Drama - Crime

Fatal Honeymoon (2012)

Duration1h 39m
RatingsA TV movie without classification except for 12 in Norway.
Source of storyThis is a film version of a true story
DirectorNadia Tass
Writers/ScriptMac Gudgeon, Teena Booth
StarringBilly Miller, Amber Clayton, Gary Sweet, Harvey Keitel
RatingsIMDb: 5.5 by 778 people. Rotten Tomatoes: No reviews.

Elevator Pitch: Tina, a 26 year old from Alabama, is in a relationship with Gabe who tends to be a controlling and possibly violent individual. Both her parents and friends are concerned about the relationship, causing her to express her disquiet to Gabe. However he says that he will marry her, and after some difficulties they are married and go on honey moon to Australia where they go on a scuba diving expedition on the Barrier Reef. Gabe is experienced but Tina is a novice and during a dive on a sunken ship she falls to the seabed and dies. Gabe is accused of her murder in an investigation initiated by Tina’s father. How does it all pan out?

Content: This is a Lifetime presentation, a channel apparently known for its innocuous content, so no sex or nudity or, if it comes to that, smoking or drinking. We see the unhappy couple mostly at odds with each other, although Tina appears to be happy to be proposed to. Then a lot of time on the diving boat, which includes some parties, oh yes, I think people hold glasses of something. Then a lot of time under water. The parents, particularly the father is distressed. The detectives investigate, the man goes to court.

A View: This outing is distinguished by being rated by the least number of people on IMDb of any of the films I have reviewed on this site. There is only one Trivia item. However I did read somewhere that the events in court were quite different from those portrayed on the screen. Actually, it is difficult to identify any reason why Gabe would kill Tina. A reason might have made it a bit of a drama, hence it is a very thin story, which is not worth your time. There are loads of other films out there, nearly all of which would be a better. Fot me it is a DON’T SEE.

Additional Info: Harvey Keitel is still out there doing stuff at 82. Good for him.  

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