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Drama - Gangland

Tango & Cash (1989)

Duration1h 44m
Source of storyA not very original screenplay
DirectorAndrey Konchalovskiy, Albert Magnoli
Writers/ScriptRandy Feldman
StarringSylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Teri Hatcher, Jack Palance, Brion James,  Michael J. Pollard, Robert Z’Dar, Geoffrey Lewis

Elevator Pitch: Ray Tango is a successful stock investor who only works as a detective for fun, and Gabriel Cash is policeman with a limited wardrobe, and no culture, but they are both extremely successful in aprehending bad guys. Hence crime lord Yves Perret, puts together a scenario which causes both detectives to be found guilty of murder, and imprisoned with little chance of survival. They break out together and must bring the criminals to book within 24 hours, despite their mutual dislike and mistrust.

Content: There is a bit of casual female nudity and some drinking in a club. We see both cops doing heroic stuff before they are incarcerated together, and then they bicker constantly, particularly when Cash fancies Tango’s sister. In prison they shower!  Then they are strung up by a welcoming committee and toasted a bit with electric cables. The escape requires a lot of running, climbing and sliding in the rain. The LAPD has a development department just like James Bond’s. Tango’s sister does some exotic dancing, after which she helps Cash escape in drag. There is a lot of gunfire, trucks with rocket launchers and explosions.

A View: I quite like the idea of a policeman doing the job just for fun, but done more successfully elsewhere, and the goof section in IMDb is full of stuff which was apparent to me while watching, and that excludes the fantasy aspects. The film was generally disliked by the critics and it was nominated for three Razzies in 1990. But really the intention of providing humour by have these two guys make unfunny jokes about each other is too much, and drain out of it what little there might be to make it fun. Teri Hatcher is the only saving grace. So not a watch even for nothing and even by anyone who enjoys that 1980s thing.

Additional Info: Jon Peters, who seems to have taken the lead in the producing stakes, is known for having  been a hairdresser to the stars before becomimg Barbara Streisand’s partner, and the owner of the Superman franchise.

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