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Action -Spies, The Equaliser

The Equaliser 2 (2018)

Duration2h 1m
Source of storyBased on the TV series of the same name by Michael Slone, and to an extent on the first film.
DirectorAntoine Fuqua
Writers/ScriptRichard Wenk
StarringDenzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo,

Evelator Pitch: Robert McCall is an ex black ops man who in retirement does menial jobs, in this outing as a Lyft driver, but at the same time helps people who need assistance, and rights wrongs, mostly with violence. He has remained friendly with his former boss and her husband, so when she is investigating a murder of an affiliate of her organisation in Belgium, she also is terminated, leading McCall to get involved, rescuing her husband and in the end confronting the perpetrators.

Content: No sex or nudity but just  bit of drinking and some intent to comsume drugs. There are many violent scenes as McCall’s status is set up, including international travel when he goes to Turkey to rescue a bookseller’s daughter. He also rescues a young black man who has been taken in by a gang, and he avenges an attack on a young woman by some city types.  But all this is just a prelude to the main event when he takes on a group of villains after the death of his former boss, ending with a finale reminiscent of High Noon.

A View: The critics liked bits of this and disliked other bits, some calling it slow and ponderous. The Guardian’s man who reviewed it called it a middle-aged American male’s power fantasy, which might be a bit cruel. I am an old Brit, but I still like my heroes to be invincible, which McCall certainly is. It does have problems, since the lines between help and revenge are blurred, but overall, if you saw the first film this is a worthy sequel, and if you didn’t and you like action movies still worth a look.

Additional Info: At various points in this movie there are very sophisicated firearms in action, so I was disappointed that no gun enthusiast had chosen to describe then in the IMDb trivia.

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