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Comedy - Police

The Heat (2013)


Duration 1h 57m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Paul Feig
Writers/Script Katie Dippold
Starring Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marion Wayans, Michael Rapaport, Jane Curtin, Jessica Chaffin,

Elevator Pitch: An unpopular but effecitve FBI agent, Sarah Ashburn, is given the task of running a Boston drug lord to ground, and is required to team up with a efficient but insubordinate detective Shannon Mullins. Members of Mullins family have also been involved in drug dealing and the detectives also find themselves having to deal with a duo of DEA guys. As time passes the detectives develop some mutual respect and a drunken day in a bar seals their friendship, but they are still faced with the problem of identifying the drug lord as lesser people in the supply chain are eliminated.

Content: No sex or nudity but quite a bit of drinking, until Ashburn in particular is completely off her head. There is the essential scene in a nightclub where the detectives confront the apparent villain and before which Ashburn’s clothing is rearranged to make her more sexy. In general a lot of profanity, and a lot of shouting, particularly by the McCarthy character who suggests that the captain has very small balls. Quite a few confrontations with handguns and some shootings of minor characters.

A View: I was quite surprised to see that this movie is seven years old, since I remember it being quite well thought of, and being a bit of a Sandra Bullock fan thought it would be a watch. Actually the actors could, and did, do the job standing on their heads. It was none the worse for that, although there was far too much shouting for me and the executions in what was supposed to be a comedy were unsettling. What seems to have been in its favour was its being a cop buddy film, but with female protagonists. So if you have read this short review and it is still attractive, maybe a watch for nothing.

Additional Info: On an estimated budget of $43 million it made a lot of money, prompting a plan for a sequel, but this was shelved when Sandra Bullock said she would not be returning.

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