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Did You Hear About the Morgans (2009)


Duration 1h 43m Rating (UK) PG
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Marc Lawrence
Writers/Script Marc Lawrence
Starring Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Kelly, Sam Elliot, Mary Steenburger, Kim Shaw, Wilford Brimley

Elevator Pitch: Paul Morgan and Meryl Morgan are a separated couple, due to his infidelity. They are both busy extecutive types in New York, whose PAs need to get together to agree on when the two can meet. During the arranged meeting they witness a murder, and the murderer sees them, putting them at risk. The FBI transport them to a secret location in Hicksville Wyoming, forcing them to live together, and as time passes, they start to become part of the very small community. But the assassin is on the trail, and we doubt the ability of the local law inforcement to protect them.

Content: Despite the fact that theme of the film is will they, or will they not, have sex, there is nothing to offend in the presentation. We see the Morgans in New York and then as they walk along the street the murder occurs, and thereafter we are party to the assassin’s efforts to locate the pair, causing some tension. Paul Morgan is faced with a bear, gets sprayed with anti-bear spray and goes to the doctor. There is a dance and a rodeo – obviously! The pair learn a bit about shooting and ride horses, and are moderately charming.

A View: The backwoods town in Wyoming is well presented. For those who don’t know they are still very old fashioned. But other than that this film has little to recommend it, the protagonists could not quite be charming enough, and SJP was nominated for a Worst Actress Razzie, but lost to Sandra Bullock who went to the presentation.  I have generally found Marc Lawrence stuff quite acceptable, mainly because it usually stars SB, but this did not make it at all, so not worth your time and definitely not worth any financial commitment.

Additional Info: It seems that they used a real bear whose name was Bart.

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