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The Last Sect (2006)


Duration 1h 30m Rating (USA) TV-14
Source of story A riff on the Dracula story
Director Jonathan Dueck
Writers/Script David Robbeson
Starring David Carradine, Natalie Brown, Deborah Odell, Julian Richings

Elevator Pitch: A female reporter, investigating on line dating finds herself involved with a group of women, whose website searches for men. We, the viewers, find out that the site is a means of attracting men who have their blood drained by what turn out to be female vampires. But, Sydney, the reporter is attracted to the leader of the group, and throwing caution to the winds, becomes involved with her. Meanwhile a descendant of the 19th century Van Helsing with his cohorts is intent on destroying the sect.

Content: There is a lot of Lesbian snogging between Sydney and the sect leader, but no nudity. There might have been some wine drinking – or blood drinking – it was difficult to tell the difference. The unfortunate men involved are tied down, but rather than enjoying a bit of bondage sex, they are bitten. Later some goulish people appear; maybe what the men become. Van Helsing and his team prepare for combat, and to start with are quite successful, but are unprepared for the power of the vampire leader.

A View: This was a made for TV film. No professional critics reviewed it, and the general public on IMDb only gave it 3.7; there again there have only been 14 of them. The  cinematography was quite arty, but the editing was jumpy making it difficult to watch and there was really very little plot. So unfortunately I am going to contribute to its ongoing failure  by suggesting that even if Lesbian sex, or vampire blood letting light your fire you should give this a miss. I am making it an “ALMOST DON’T SEE”.

Additional Info: There seem to be a whole genre of sexy vampire movies out there. IMDb appear to be looking for synopses for them, so an area of interest for would-be writers.

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