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Hard Candy (2005)


Duration 1h 44m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Director David Slade
Writers/Script Brian Nelson
Starring Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, Sandra Oh (Only just)

Elevator Pitch: After an exchange of risque messages on line, a female teenager and a male adult meet in coffee bar, and he invites her to his home and, apparently flattered by his attention, she accepts. Possibly signposting what is to follow we see a poster for a missing girl in the coffee shop. Later in the man’s house the girl avoids a drink he offers her, and instead mixes drinks herself; the man is drugged and passes out. When he awakes he is tied into a wheelchair and the girl is searching his house for incriminating photos, because she believes him to be a paedophile. Worse is to follow(for him).

Content: There is no nudity or sex, but some drinking, for once a component of the plot. So once in the man’s house there are a sequence of scenes during which he is tortured and tormented, and even though at times he is able to escape the girl appears to be ready for him and is able to subdue him, resulting in his situation getting worse. So, constant tension in a totally intense and claustophobic environment.

A View: I was surprised to read that some critics appear to regard this outing as “torture porn” rather than an interesting alternative direction to that any other films on this theme might have taken. Nevertheless they sort of approved, and the general public more so, that is of those who watched it since it had a limited release. If anything the teenager seems to have superpowers, and despite her capabilities has neglected to take duck tape with her to secure her victim – a necessary failing if the plot is to work. Not Sunday afternoon viewing but probaby a watch for nothing.

Additional Info: The film was made in 18 days and cost just under $1 milion to shoot.

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