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Combat - Afghanistan

Jarhead 2: Field of Fire (2014)


Duration 1h 43m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay with no relationship to the original Jarhead
Director Don Michael Paul
Writers/Script Berkeley Anderson, Ellis Black
Starring Cole Hauser, Josh Kelly, Danielle Savre, Jason Wong, Stephen Lang

Elevator Pitch: A corporal is given the task of leading a resupply convoy to relieve a remote outpost in Helmund, Afghanistan, they are flagged down by a Navy SEAL who is helping a female activist get out of the country and so take them aboard. But later they are attacked by the Taliban and end up on foot fighting for their lives. When the SEAL is killed and the Afghan woman is captured by their opponents they must decide whether to rescue her or to save themselves.

Content: There is a bit of male nudity in the showers (just for the rating I think), some drinking of beer and quite a bit of swearing. The convoy is attacked and most vehicles catch fire. Once on foot the marines are faced with numerous fire fights, which more or less follow the same format. They kill many Taliban, but their numbers are gradually reduced.

A View: No critics reviewed this film which went straight to video, and the one member of the public on IMDb pointed out the many plot holes. I kept wondering what had happened to air cover and communications, although the script might have provided an explanation. While it looked as if the actors did pretty well in their roles as marines, the poor script did not suport them. So not a worthwhile view, even for nothing. If you want to watch Afghan combat movie choose another.

Additional Info: The filming was done in Bugaria – in a quarry by the look of it

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