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For a Few Dollars More (1965)


Duration 2h 12m Rating (UK) X
Source of story An original screenplay using at least one character from A Fistful of Dollars, or at least his poncho.
Director Sergio Leone
Writers/Script Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Leone (story by Sergio Donati, Enzo Dell’Aquila, Fernando Di Leo)
Starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Gian Maria Volantè, Klaus Kinski

Elevator Pitch: In Texas in 1872 a gang of villains break their leader out of jail, and plan to rob the El Paso bank. Meanwhile two bounty hunters agree to team up, and in one way or another they join the gang as they take refuge in a border village after the robbery. When they are found by the leader attempting to steal the proceeds of the robbery they are beaten up and imprisoned, so somehow they must escape and kill or capture all the gang members in order to gain the reward.

Content: There is a rape, but it is obscurely presented, also a lot of drinking and constant smoking. At moments throughout the film there are gun fights and gadually the bad guys in that area of the west are dispatched. Set pieces involve the robbing of the bank and a major gunfight in an adobe border town. The two bounty hunters argue a bit, but seem to get to an agreement in the end.

A View: This western is considered by some to be the best ever made, and it is rated 108 on the IMDb list (Full Metal Jacket is No 97). I liked the presentation of the two bounty hunters, Clint Eastwood, the gunfighter, and Lee Van Cleef the military man using elaborate weapons, but honestly how long could they spend staring at people? Also I was irritated by Indio, the gang leader, apparently he was taking drugs to suppress the memory of the rape. Unlikely characterisation, surely. It could have been shorter, but well worth the price of a download particularly if you are a film buff.

Additional Info: One of the many films made in Almaría wonderfully framed by the director. The western town was built and the adobe village “Agua Caliente”, is an exisiting hamlet.

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