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Comedy - Family, Sci-Fi - Aliens

Evolution (2001)


Duration 1h 41m Rating (UK) PG
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Ivan Reitman
Writers/Script David Diamond, David Weissman, Don Jakoby
Starring David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott, Ted Levine, Dan Aykroyd, Sarah Silverman, John Cho,

Elevator Pitch: A meteor strike close to an American desert town results in an extraordinay development of alien creatures, studied by a couple of professors from the local community college until the military move in and take over, making heavy handed errors. The guys are finally confronted with an alien life-form so invasive that within weeks the whole of the US mainland will be overcome. Can they save the day with the help of a well known brand of shampoo?

Content: There is no sex or nudity, but a bit of sexual innuendo at times and just a bit of drinking. Most of the film is taken up with the development of the creatures who invade the town, and confront the army. They mostly die, because, it is suggested that they cannot breath oxygen for long. But the evolution taking place produces creatures which can breath oxygen, something which the military are ill prepared to deal with.

A View: This outing received mixed reviews from the critics, Roger Ebert saying that he had some affection for it, but others saying that the script did not make the best of the possibilities. I can say that some films may have one memorable scene which makes them worth watching, and in this case it was the scene in the mall, where the guys take on a dragonlike alien. It is fun, and the rest is sharp enough to make it worth the cost of a download if you enjoyed Ghostbusters.

Additional Info: The original story was for a serious SF film, but once they got into it, it was rewritten as a comedy. Not too suprising since the director also directed Ghostbusters.

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