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Sci-Fi - Robots

Vice (2015)


Duration 1h 36m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story A screenplay using existing tropes, replicants et al.
Director Brian A. Miller
Writers/Script Andre Fabrizio, Jeremy Passmore
Starring Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, Ambyr Childers,

Elevator Pitch: Entrepreneur Julian Michaels has initiated  resort called “Vice” where it seems that clients can indulge their most outlandish fantasies with no limit or reprisal. The resort is staffed by androids who look and have the emotions of humans, and whose memories are reset every night. But one android become self aware and is able to escape, pursued by security from the resort and assisted by a detective who, agains the orders of his superiors, is investigating the clients of the resort.

Content: Sex takes place in sillouette and the detective comes face to chest with a pair of unfeasibly large breasts. These is also some drinking. There is some quite unpleasant violence and the young female android runs about in the dark while security try to shoot her with machine guns, but miss. The detective looks as if he could do with a wash, but shoots with greater accuracy. Some  security guards die.

A View: This is a terrible film. Even the basis for the plot is flawed. We see a bank robbery taking place, presumably by clients of the site, but what if another client’s fantasy is being a bank manager? But let’s assume that the clients are males whose fantasy is damaging or killing women and the androids are the women. So this is a sleazy premise, poorly presented, with virtually no plot, no tension and no humour. It is the second Bruce Willis film to join my “DON’T SEE” list.

Additional Info: IMDb estimated the cost at $10 million. Most of it we can assume was the star’s wages.

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