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Drama - Conspiracy

Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back (2016)


Elevator Pitch.

Jack Reacher, a former military policeman, travels in the USA righitng wrongs and keeping in touch with a military officer Susan Turner. When he decides to visit her he finds out that she has been accused of espionage and imprisoned, so he sets out to free her. Meanwhile he has become the subject of a paternity case and may be the father of a fifteen year old girl, who becomes a target for the villains as Reacher and Turner go on the run, attempt to solve the crime and therefore prove Turner’s innocence.


Turner and Reacher escape from jail and run around a lot, they find the girl who may be Reacher’s daughter and they drive about chased by black ops people. They have fist fights and gun fights and over time get closer to solving the case but the shadowy organisation who have framed Turner deploy more forces agains them. Mardi Gras takes place in New Orleans. No drinking, drugs, smoking or sex but Turner gets down to her underwear once.

A View.

This oeuvre was generally panned by the critics for the fact that it is formulaic, and not as good as the first Jack Reacher film, actually not much liked either. But if you enjoy a conspiracy film with the female lead being just as badass as Tom Cruise it is not a bad way of passing a couple of hours for nothing. There is a lot worse out there.

Duration 1h 58m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story A book “Never Go Back” by Lee Child.
Director Edward Zwick
Writers/Script Edward Zwick, Richard Wenk, Marshall Herskovitz
Starring Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Danika Yarosh, Robert Knepper
Additional Info After the first Jack Reacher film performed badly it was decided that there would not be another, even though it had originally been intended that there would be a series, but the second was commissioned after the first performed well on video.

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