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Action -Shoot-em Ups, Sci-Fi - Dystopian Future

UltraViolet (2006)


Elevator Pitch

In a dystopian future a contagion has caused a genetic alteration to some of the world population turning them into vampire like people with super powers, the downside is that they have a 12 year life. The humans are attempting to erase them and only pockets of resistance remain. Violet, nearing the end of her life, blaggs her way into a secure environment and steals a container in which she finds a nine year old boy. He may provide the means by which her life can be extended, but can she evade her pursuers who wish to recover the child?


Almost a continuous succession of set pieces where Violet is faced with a large number of black clad soldiers or yazuka, and in all cases kills them all using machine guns or edged weapons. Where a cityscape is involved it is either Hong Kong or Shanghai and there is a motor bike and car chase in at least one of these cities.  The violence is fairly clinical, Violet can change the colour of her clothing (what there is of it) and her hair and seems to be able to conjour weapons out of the air. There is no sex, nudity drinking or drugs.

A View I sometimes find myself at odds with the critics who determine that stuff I quite like is not worth watching, but in this case I am with them. Now that I have explained the plot you might get on a bit better. I was going to say that it is nonsense, but that doesn’t do it, tiresome would be a better description, so not really a watch even of you are a fan of shoot’em ups.
Duration 1h 28m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screen play
Director Kurt Wimmer
Writers/Script Kurt Wimmer
Starring Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright, William Fichtner
Additional Info The original two hour running time was recut by the studio to 90 minutes, removing most of the story, to the distress of the director and the star.


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