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Drama - Police

On Frozen Ground (2013)


Elevator Pitch.

In Alaska a serial killer is preying on young women, abducting them, subjecting them to sexual assault and then killing them, apparently without being detected. But when a body is unearthed in the outback, and one of his a victims escapes, an Alaskan detective gets on the case and begins to uncover the truth, but it is one thing to know who the perp is and another to make an arrest stick, particulary when the only witness is a junkie and part time prostitute.


We know who the killer is and we see him abducting the girls, eventually flying with them into the wilderness and shooting them. The detective investigates, trying to convince his superiors of the veracity of his findings and searching for evidence in the dark streets of Anchorage. Later as the police close in, evidence still eludes them, and without it the man who they know to be the killer will go free. Much tension, some drinking, smoking and drug taking. A number of strip club scenes.

A View When you know that this is a portrayal of real events, the killer confessing the 17 murders, the film somehow becomes more worth watching. The initial scenes are confusing but gradually it finds its tone and becomes engrossing. It is a distressing tale and if it had not been for the source of the story, would have seemed just a bit of a “by numbers” thriller. Worth your time I think.
Duration 1h 45m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story Based on real events.
Director Scott Walker
Writers/Script Scott Walker
Starring Nicholas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens, John Cusack, Dean Norris, Radha Mitchell, 50 Cent
Additional Info Robert Hansen, the killer, was sentenced to 461 years in jail, and died in 2014 at the age of 75.


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