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Comedy - Adult

Sex Ed (2014)

Elevator Pitch.

Eddie, a young teacher who has been working in a bagel shop, gets a job teaching twelve year olds about sex, after crashing the supervisor’s office, even though he has little or no experience himself. His teaching is a success, but his love life, seems to go from bad to worse causing him to end up fighting the boyfriend of a girl he fancies, being a shoulder to cry on of a girl who is supposed to be giving him a blow job, and even being arrested after picking up a male prostitute by accident. Even his teaching job may be terminated after a parent complains, but he has plans.


There is a lot of discussion about sex, with diagrams and lists of STDs, plus evenings spent in the bar beneath his apartment where he talks to the owner and listens to some great music, then joshing with his friend who is having sex a lot with his girlfriend, and time spent with his intended girlfriend with whom he fights a bit, and also fights the girfriend’s unfriendly boyfriend, so that when she eventually gets her gear off he may or may not be interested. There is some nudity and a bit of sex, watch out particularly for the aftermath of the parent’s meeting, and quite a bit of drinking.

A View I feel sure that this started off as a sexual education film pretending to be a comedy, but they threw in so much of the real stuff that it ended up being Unrated in America. Nevertheless it was fun, although I felt that when a good looking young woman who Eddie fancied stripped to her underwear and suggested getting it on, it was beyond unrealistic when he turned her down. So a watch if you don’t mind a bit of sex education.
Duration 1h 32m Rating (USA) Unrated
Source of story An original screenplay.
Director Isaac Feder
Writers/Script Bill Kennedy
Starring Haley Joel Osment, Lorenza Izzo
Additional Info “So that’s what happened to that kid,” I hear you say. Also Lorenza Izzo has been married to Eli Roth since 2014, in whose film “Knock, Knock” you see a lot more of her.

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