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H.G.Wells’ War of the Worlds (2005)

Elevator Pitch.

A family are on their way towards Washington DC when they are separated, the wife and son going ahead and the husband, George Herbert, being stranded on the road when his vehicle’s powers system fail due to the presence of what seem to be meteor strikes, but no, they are spacecraft and from them emerge six legged entities which kill the humans with light rays. George and companions make their way north until they are trapped in a ruined building with the aliens in close proximity, but he manages to inject one with rabes. Will they die?


Meteors flash across the sky, six legged objects emerge from holes in the ground and zap the unwary, snake like appendages occasionally spray people with goo, the survivors stumble about in the ruins of the cities, the hero briefly takes to a boat, the priest discusses religion. Depite the plot keywords in IMDb (topless female nudity) there is no nudity (unless my TV version left it out), no sex, smoking or drug taking but the priest enjoys some champagne.

A View This is played very earnestly which could be a failing, because it is laughable, but according to some is the only WotW film to actually take any action to kill off the aliens. Even so it is not worth your time and I am making it an “Almost Don’t See”.
Duration 1h 33m Rating (USA) R
Source of story The novel of the same name by the same author and maybe earlier versions of the movie.
Director David Michael Latt
Writers/Script David Michael Latt, Carlos De Los Rios
Starring C. Thomas Howell, Rhett Giles, Andrew Lauer, Jake Busey
Additional Info The film was released on video one day before Steven Spielbergs’s magnum opus and sold 250,000 dvds. Asylum Films went on to make further “mockbusters”, including “Snakes on a Train”.


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