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The Interview (2014)

Elevator Pitch.

Dave Skylark, the presenter of a popular celebrity show on US TV is invited to North Korea to interview the president Kim Jong-un, and after his producer meets with the female head of the president’s media organisation, the arrangements are made for the show to go ahead, but they are derailed by a CIA requirement that they assassinate the interviewee using a chemical strip which will transfer ricin through the man’s skin. As soon as they arrive things go awray, not the least of which is the blossoming friendship between Skylark and the president.


There are spoof TV interviews involving real celebrities, scenes in what appear to be North Korean environments where the president’s bodyguards are generally suspicious of the westerners and much time given over to the developing friendship between the president and the presenter. Then as the tension mounts the interview takes place and there is gunfire and an extended scene involving a Russian tank. There is drinking, nudity and sex (but not at the same time).

A View This movie rolls along, and uses the American choice of North Korea as the ultimate enemy (both in film and in life) pretty well. It did not get the release it needed in order to be fully reviewed and those who did review it were pretty well split down the middle, half saying it was gross out everything phobic and the other half saying was an engaging satire. What-ever, it is worth a view because it is a bit of history.
Duration 1h 52m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogan
Writers/Script Dan Sterling (story by Dan Sterling, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogan)
Starring James Franco. Seth Rogan, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park, Diana Bang and a number of uncredited celebrities.
Additional Info When Sony arranged for the release of the film their email system was hacked and much detail about the film, the company and its stars made available on the internet. The North Korean Central News Agency also threatened merciless retaliation if the film was released. In the event it received a limited release mostly being available on demand.


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