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Drama - Crime

The Bag Man (2014)

Duration 1h 48m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script David Grovic, Paul Conway (and an original screenplay “Motel” by James Russo)
Additional Info Rebecca Da Costa is an almost unfeasibly tall Brazilian model. I thought she did OK.
Director David Grovic
Starring John Cusack, Rebecca Da Costa, Robert De Nero, Crispin Glover, Dominic Purcell
Elevator Pitch A hitman is tasked with collecting a bag and wating in a run down motel for his employer to arrive to collect it. He is told not to look inside it, and after his arrival at the motel it becomes apparent that there are others who also wish to take possession of it. In his effort to retain ownership of it, to survive and to prevent anyone discovering the body in the trunk of his car, he is assisted by a young woman who may, or may not, be a hooker.
Content The gunman meets the mafia boss and receives his instructions in a plane. Just a bit of time in the boss’s mansion. Then the rest of the film in the dark, in the motel or its surroundings. There are a number of killings, and at times some torture. The hooker is stripped to her underwear by the police; the hitman drinks from a bottle of hooch almost throughout and there is a bit of smoking.
A View It appears that only one critic on Rotten Tomatoes enjoyed it, likening it to a David Lynch film, and it did have a bit of that about it.  I find myself being slightly offended by the cynical inclusion of a big name in the hope of selling the movie. This time De Nero, whose performance might just have taken him into a second day. I can’t really say more without revealing the conclusion but I’m making it an “ALMOST DON’T SEE”.

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