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Action -Spies

Extraction (2015)

Duration 1h 32m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story Yet another screenplay about a secret code which will be capable of taking over the world.
Writers/Script Max Adams, Umair Aleem
Additional Info I had thought that Bruce Willis would have filmed his scenes in a couple of days, but actually he had managed to do what was required of him (attaching his name to the cast of the movie) in one day.
Director Steven C. Miller
Starring Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz, Gina Carano, D.B. Sweeney, Steve Coulter, Lydia Hull
Elevator Pitch A veteran CIA operative working in the murky underworld of international spying is distressed when his wife is killed as part of a revenge hit by the bad guys. But his son survives and becomes an operative himself, limited to a desk job, but secretly trained for field work. The father is captured by Russian criminals who also have a computer which can take over the world, requiring the son, with help from a female friend, to rescue his dad and save the world.
Content A lot of hand to hand combat, shoot outs and car chases mostly in the dark, in the back streets, bars and port area of New Jersey. Also scenes in the CIA control room, for some reason in Prague. Some drinking and just a few moments of nudity.
A View This is a straight to video production, not much liked by the limited number of critics who reviewed it, and we have to say that if it had been liked it would have been on general release. It did not cost a lot, and by now might even have made a bit of money. Now that you know what it’s about you could watch it while doing some embroidery or something.

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