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Sci-Fi - Dystopian Future

In Time (2011)

Duration 1h 49m Rating (UK) 12
Source of story A sort of original screenplay, although said to have been lifted from a short story and have some similarities to Logan’s Run.
Writers/Script Andrew Niccol
Additional Info Photography by Roger Deakins. No matter how hard the makers tried, the nerds have found many errors in the way the time has been presented. This despite the fact that it is shown in rather an obscure way.
Director Andrew Niccol
Starring Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Johnny Galecki, Alex Pettyfer, Yaya DaCosta, Cillian Murphy, Amanda Seyfried
Elevator Pitch In a future American city everybody stops aging at 25. The downside is that they then only have a further year to live unless they can “earn” more time. On the wrong side of the tracks people struggle from day to day and die in the street, meanwhile the rich live eternally in luxury. When a young man rescues a rich visitor from a gang of time robbers he receives a century of time in gratitude and this starts him on a trip of discovery in the world of the rich. He meets a young woman with a taste for adventure, but is chased by a “timekeeper” who thinks he is implicated in a murder.
Content People die in the street when they run out of time. In the world of the rich there is gambling and parties, and once our hero and heroine meet they go on the run, to be chased by the police in a number of car chases. There is gunfire and some tense situations, usually with some time counting. Some drinking and snogging, and young women in revealing costumes.
A View I had problems with the premise. If everybody got one year after they were 25, where did the extra time come from – stored and used by the rich, and capable of being earned by the poor? If people fell down and died in the street who picked up the bodies? People who were younger than 25 still needed time to buy things; where did they get it from? I know this is picky but these things need to be sorted out if a sci-fi film is to be viable, and JT was not very good. He’s a singer after all. So despite being an interesting idea, probably just a Sunday afternoon watch.

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