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Redline (2007)

Duration 1h 35m Rating (UK) 12
Source of story A not very original screenplay
Writers/Script Robert Foreman (story by Daniel Sadek)
Additional Info The producer, Daniel Sadek, was the operator of “Quick Loan Funding” a subprime loan company. The film used, and in some cases crashed, part of his collection of supercars. He was bankrupted in 2009.
Director Andy Cheng
Starring Nathan Phillips, Nadia Bjorlin, Angus Macfadyen, Eddie Griffin, Tim Matheson
Elevator Pitch A bunch of millionaires have their supercars driven in illegal races on which they bet. One recruits a young woman, who agrees to drive for him for $300,000 plus a recording contract for her band. Unknown to her she becomes a stake in the race and is “won” by one of the others, an underworld boss.  Fortunately she has become friendly with an army veteran who sets out to rescue her.
Content Numerous races involving Porsches, Ferraris, AC Cobras, Mercedes SLRs, Lamborghinis and one Ford GT. In the intervals people lounge about on the edges of swimming pools decorated by teams of young women in bikinis. One very slightly implied sex scene but no nudity. A bit of poorly choreographed fighting.
A View This outing gained 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and with a budget of $26 million, lost 20 of them. It should really be a “Don’t See” but I just can’t rate it as one, because I liked the presentation of the supercars, which made a change from the usual fare of the Fast and Furious type, which are more likely to be dinked up Japanese saloons.

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