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Drama - US

Falling Down (1993)

Duration 1h 53m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Ebbe Roe Smith
Additional Info Someone posted the scene where the Michael Douglas character asks for “Breakfast” in a burger joint but they had stopped serving it three minutes earlier. It has been watched over 3 milion times. I Want Breakfast
Director Joel Schumacher
Starring Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall, Barbara Hershey, Rachael Ticotin, Tuesday Weld, Michael Paul Chan
Elevator Pitch A man in a traffic jam, apparently on his way to work, loses it, abandons his car and walks away saying he is going home. The “home” his is going to is that of his ex-wife who has a retraining order against him in place. On the way he encounters unpleasant and difficult situations which result in him becoming increasingly violent and, accidentally, increasingly heavily armed. Meanwhile a policeman on his last day at work, begins to track him through the city.
Content You could call this a “distopian present” film as the man is faced with high prices in the Korean shop, a couple of gang members in the LA badlands who then try to shoot him, a burger bar where he can’t get breakfast, a white supremicist in a surplus store and further traffic jams. The policeman is harrassed by his wife by telephone and ignored by his colleagues in the police station, the ex-wife is distressed. There is a lot of tension some gunfire and one explosion.
A View The critics who did not like this outing, and there were quite a few, mostly suggested that the director was trying to have his cake and eat it – making the character both hero and villain. Sure enough this is the biggest weakness in what is a fascinating film, but even so it is well worth your time. It presses a lot of buttons and is pretty ingenious in its construction.

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