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Dirty Harry, Drama - Police

Dirty Harry (1971)

Duration 1h 42m Rating (UK) X
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Harry Julius Fink, Rita M. Fink, Dean Riesmer (other versions by Terrence Malick, John Milius plus a story version by Jo Heims)
Additional Info This film was in development for years with Frank Sinatra being attached to it for  a while. Many other actors turned down the role of Harry Callahan before it was offered to Eastwood, who discarded a number of revised scripts and selected the original.
Director Don Siegel
Starring Clint Eastwood, John Vernon, Andrew Robinson, John Larch
Elevator Pitch When a killer shoots a woman in a swimming pool and leaves a message saying that there will be further deaths unless the city pays $100.000 San Franciso detective Inspector Harry Callahan is given the case, but as he gets closer to his quarry his methods are questioned by his bosses, and eventually overstep what is legally acceptable, freeing the killer. Will Harry see justice (if that’s what it is) done?
Content Harry argues with police chiefs and he and his inexperienced partner set up stake-outs in the dark in San Francisco. He thwarts a robbery and rescues a potential suicide in passing, wielding his Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum. He is give the job of delivering the ransome money, moving around the city in response to phone instructions and takes part in a shoot out in a stadium. There is some nudity seen through windows, and a bit of drinking and smoking.
A View This movie still ticks quite a number of boxes, particularly the lone hero delivering justice, despite obstructions from all sides. The dialogue is crisp and it is interesting that a number of stars turned down the role considering it too violent. Today the violence seems moderate, but it is still well worth you time if you come across it. Back when it was current I noticed that Harry favoured tweed jackets, and have owned and worn them ever since.

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