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Drama - Survival

Beyond the Reach (2014)

Duration 1h 31m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story A book from 1972 Deathwatch by Robb White, who was sufficiently well known in America to be on “This is Your Life” in 1959. He died in 1990.
Writers/Script Stephen Susco
Additional Info The star of the show is probably the Mercedes G65 6X6 a very elaborate all wheel drive vehicle said to cost $500,000.
Director Jean-Baptiste Leonetti
Starring Michael Douglas, Jeremy Irvine
Elevator Pitch A ruthless businessman hires a young tracker to guide him into the desert to hunt for a rare sheep. But when he accidentally shoots an old prospector dead he must some how ensure the silence of the young man. When bribery fails to work he attempts to cause the guide to die of heatstroke. What follows is a duel of wits. Who will win?
Content Mostly the young man trogging across the lanscape in his underpants – thankfully boxer shorts rather than the usual movie standard – white Y-Fronts. Apart from this there is no nudity and at times the businessman is seen drinking a cocktail. Obviously a bit of gunfire and some tension as the guide attempts to survive.
A View This was obviously a low budget outing, but it probably did not cover its costs, being fairly panned by the critics. Had I gone to the cinema to see it I would have thought myself short changed, but you could watch it for nothing while doing something else; so not totally awful.

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