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Drama - Clairvoyance, Sci-Fi

Minority Report (2002)

Duration 2h 25m Rating (UK) 12
Source of story Loosely based on a 1956 Phillip K. Dick short story.
Writers/Script Scott Frank, Jon Cohen
Additional Info The story had been optioned in about 1992 and had been through “Development Hell” before Spielberg and Cruise got together to make it happen.
Director Steven Spielberg
Starring Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough, Frank Grillo, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Kathryn Morris, Peter Stormare, Cameron Diaz
Elevator Pitch In 2054, murders are predicted and prevented using three “precogs” and advanced technology, which result in a team of armed agents arresting the potential murderers who are placed in stasis. But when the system predicts that the senior agent will commit a murder he must go on the run to avoid arrest by his own team and take action to prove his innocence.
Content Numerous set pieces in the headquarters of the precog system. A lot of futuristic chasing about, involving a slightly distressing eye operation and some extremely inventive spider-like machines. Some fights with the precog agents who have jet packs, and at one time an escape in a newly constructed car. One distantly seen and non-revelatory sex act, some drug taking, no drinking.
A View I have seen this a few times, and at the latest viewing the technology just seemed to creak a bit. We’ve probably become used to neater stuff. There is one extremely clever scene when the agent is escaping with the precog, watch for it. Otherwise the plot is a bit contrived and the ending unexpected ( and much discussed). Having said that, it made money and even today is not a waste of time. And if you are a bit bored you could count the number of product placements.

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