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Flightplan (2005)

Duration 1h 38m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Peter A. Dowling, Billy Ray
Additional Info As in many other movies, the IMDb trivia tells us there is a “Wilhelm Scream” featured in this. The reference is to a sound effect used in many films originally recorded by Sheb Wooley in 1951.
Director Robert Schwentke
Starring Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean, Erika Christensen, Greta Scacchi
Elevator Pitch A widow, who is an aircraft designer, is flying back to America with her seven year old daughter and her husband’s coffin in the hold. When she awakes from a nap she finds that her daughter is missing, and she searches but fails to find her. As she becomes more desperate it seems that her daughter may not even have been on the flight and that she is a manifestation of grief. Is this true or is the widow being manipulated by persons unknown?
Content Almost the whole movie takes place on the large fictitious aircraft which is like a double deck Airbus. There is increasing tension throughout as we wonder whether the woman in delusional or whether she is right and that there is a conspiracy which could involve the crew of the aircraft. There is no overt violence, no sex, nudity or drinking although there is a bar on the upper deck of the plane.
A View It is really difficult to say anything about this film without revealing the denoument. However, Roger Ebert quite liked it but Rotten Tomatoes only gave it 37%. I can say that somewhere in the convolutions of the plot there is a problem which sort of spoilt it for me, but it is probably a watch for nothing.

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