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Hollywood Homicide (2003)

Duration 1h 56m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story An original screenplay
Writers/Script Robert Souza, Ron Shelton
Additional Info Apparently the stars could not stand each other – and actually it shows.
Director Ron Shelton
Starring Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lena Olin, Bruce Greenwood, Isaiah Washington, Lolita Davidovich, Gladys Knight, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dwight Yoakam, Martin Landau, Smokey Robinson, Anthony Mackie
Elevator Pitch A couple of homicide detectives who both moonlight at other jobs are investigating the shooting of a rapper group in a nightclub. The senior of the two is being investigated for possible illegal activity by a detective whose girlfriend he has taken. How will it all work out?
Content The cops bicker, one engages in real estate deals the other teaches yoga. They investigate. There is an extensive car, foot, climbing chase. Contains drinking, swearing, some almost nudity and some implied sex.
A View There is quite a star studded cast, but you don’t see much of them. I usually like the idea of the activities of the main players being derailed by secondary tasks (check out Three Days to Kill) but I could not recommend this. Tiresome throughout.

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