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Absolute Zero (2006)

Duration 1h 26m Rating (UK) None
Source of story A not very original screenplay
Writers/Script Sarah Watson
Additional Info This TV movie seems to have been seen only in Australia and Singapore – and now Spain
Director Robert Lee
Starring Jeff Fahey and others we probably won’t hear of again.
Elevator Pitch A change in the world’s climate is predicted by a meteorologist who detects the change in the position of the magnetic poles, and so he acts to save himself, his former lover and her family and a couple of students.
Content A number of slightly odd set pieces, one in the Arctic, one in a house, the effects on a swimming pool, together with bikini clad lovelies, people clambering about on what seemed to be scaffolding, and occasional looks at a clock counting down to disaster.
A View Even though we have been told that at absolute zero there is no energy, this has not prevented the inclusion of wind in the environmental effects. During my time reviewing films I have seen some which bored me, some which offended me and some which distressed me but none have been as unwatchable as this one. Give it a miss – you have been warned.

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