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Comedy - Adult

The Change-Up (2011)

Duration 1h 52m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Director David Dobkin
Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin
Elevator Pitch While urinating in a fountain two friends wish to have each other’s lives. One is a successful lawyer with a demanding family, the other a pot smoking occasional porn actor. Their wish comes true with unexpected results.
Content I am tempted to write “what did it not contain” and the answer would be sex, although there is endless bad language, female nudity (apparently using body doubles and CGI breasts), and implied sex related activity. Obviously there is drinking and pot smoking as well, and just a few scenes in the boardroom, and a lot of poop related jokes.
A View I laughed occasionally but was mostly embarrassed on behalf of the actors who actually did pretty well despite the content. This was R rated in America but a 15 in UK which was probably the right rating. Whatever else this is not family viewing.

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