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Batman, Fantasy - Superheroes

Batman Returns: 3 (1992)

Duration 2h 6m Rating (UK) 13
Source of story DC Comic characters by Bob Kane
Writer/s Script Daniel Waters
Writer/s Story Daniel Waters, Sam Hamm
Director Tim Burton
Starring Michael Keaton, Danny De Vito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken. Michael Gough, Pat Hingle
Elevator Pitch When a corrupt businessman and a grotesque criminal try to take over Gotham, the Batman has to resume his vigilante activities. His task is made more difficult by the presence of Catwoman – is she the alter ego of the woman with whom Bruce Wayne is developing a romantic relationship?
Content A number of set pieces as the Penguin takes on the people of Gotham with a variety of weapons and explosives. Scenes in the Wayne mansion, in the Penguin’s aquatic lair and on the rooftops of Gotham. Some romance and a bit of snogging but no nudity drugs or dinking.
A View Some believe that this is the best ever Batman movie and in most respects I’m with them. The Penguin and the penguins are great and the Batmobile is superior. If I have a reservation it is that Catwoman, in a super sexy suit and equipped with a bull whip, does not quite fit in with the sombre tone, but some might see this as a good thing.

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