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Action, Drama - Crime

Metro (1997)

Duration 1h 57m Rating (UK) 18
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Randy Feldman
Director Thomas Carter
Starring Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport, Carmen Ejogo, Michael Wincott
Elevator Pitch A San Francisco policeman, who is a top negotiator, chases and captures a violent jewel thief, aided by his new partner a former military sniper. But the thief escapes from prison vowing revenge and he knows where the policeman’s girlfriend lives.
Content Scenes of the negotiator at work, some car chases, one involving a San Francisco tram, some violent confrontations between good men and bad men. Moments of tension. No drugs, a bit of wine drinking and for some reason just a bit of nudity at the end, maybe intentionally trying to raise the rating.
A View This was another Eddie Murphy failure at the box office, but Roger Ebert quite liked it and so did I. It may have been that the humour (what there was of it) relied more on the structure of the film than on the star, which might have disappointed his fans, but there are worse ways of spending a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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