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Horror - Monsters

The Relic (1997)

Duration 1h 50m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story A book of the same name by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Writer/s Script Amy Holden Jones, John Raffo, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Director Peter Hyams
Starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt, James Whitmore
Elevator Pitch A box apparently containing nothing but leaves is delivered to the Chicago Museum of Natural History, having been transported to America by a ship on which the whole crew has been found murdered and decapitated. When is security guard in the museum is similarly murdered the detective in charge of the case teams up with a female professor to identify the perpetrator. The museum’s curator insists on going ahead with the opening of an exhibition despite the fact that something nasty is lurking in the basement.
Content Almost the whole film conducted in semi-darkness in the underground spaces of the museum. The professors theorise as to the source of the problem. Policemen hunt for the “thing” whatever it is. People are pompous at the opening. Some off and on screen violence. No sex, nudity, drugs, drinking or anything really.
A View I dislike films which are conducted in semi-darkness, which put this offering at a disadvantage for me, from which it never recovered. Maybe the ultimate “Who was driving the Boat” question, since the steamer had made it up the St Lawrence Seaway and down Lake Michigan without anyone alive on board. A very expensive B movie which did not make its productions costs back.

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