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Drama - Police

Jennifer 8 (1992)

Released 1992 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Writer/s Script Bruce Robinson
Director Bruce Robinson
Starring Andy Garcia, Lance Henriksen, Uma Thurman, Graham Beckel, Kathy Baker, Kevin Conway, John Malkovich
Elevator Pitch A big city cop gets a job in the boondocks working for an old friend and quickly identifies the possibility that a serial killer is on the loose, investigating a case abandoned by the local force. In the course of the investigation he meets and becomes involved with a young blind woman, who may be the next victim.
Content A lot of scenes in the police station and the rubbish dump where body parts are found. Much suspenseful moving about in the darkened corridors of the blind institute. Some interrogation as the hero is accused of murder. Apparently there is some nudity but I did not notice it.
A View This started off in an atmosphere of brooding tension but never quite delivered, almost as if the writer, also the director, had run out of ideas. There are endless films to choose from so it might be best to give this one a miss.

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