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The Fast and the Furious. Tokyo Drift: F&F 3 (2006)

Released 2006 Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story Well, the title indicates as reationship with the others of similar name, but it is tenuous.
Writer/s Script Chris Morgan
Director Justin Lin
Starring Lucas Black, Nathalie Kelly, Shad Moss, Brian Tee, Sung Kang
Elevator Pitch A young street racer has to go to live with his father in Tokyo to avoid prison in USA, and becomes embroiled in the drift racing culture there. He goes to school and is attracted to the girlfriend of a Yasuka related young man, the king of the drifters, and to win her and remain in Tokyo must learn this new driving skill.
Content A lot of drift racing in multistory car parks, in the city and on mountain roads. Some time in night clubs with a lot of young women sexily dressed, and if it comes to that also at school where the uniform is used to advantage. People look angrily or soulfully at each other, depending on the emotion being portrayed. Possibly some drinking. No sex or nudity.
A View For me too many modified Japanese cars (OK we were in Japan), and too much drifting. It is a boring activity once you’ve seen it once. In the end it was a relief to see a Mustang. But doubtless it lit some young people’s fire because it made money. Apparently chronologically it fits between F&F 6 and F&F 7.

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