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The Matrix (3): Revolutions

Released 2003 Rating 15 in UK
Director The Wachowskis Writer/s The Wachowskis
Starring Monica Bellucci, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Plinkett-Smith, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Spence, Hugo Weaving
Source of story The earlier Matrix offerings and actually some legendary SF.
Elevator Pitch The earth is dark and desolate and somewhere machines are using humans to produce energy, keeping them subdued by allowing them to exist in a simulcrum of a 21st century city, the Matrix. Below the earth’s crust survivors of humanity have constructed a city, and out in the grim landscape humans in airships patrol and send warriors into the Matrix. But Neo, the one, is trapped there and so they have to rescue him.
Content Predominently titanic battles between the humans in a type of exoskeleton war machine and the mechanical creatures from the other world, plus some gun battles and martial arts in the Matrix, plus scenes in the “airships”. Where, what do you know, there is a traitor. At one point the heroes visit an S&M party in the Matrix, so cue sexy fancy dress.
A View The critics did not like this and nor did I, and even if you fancy sitting through its interminable two hours it is best to have seen the others first. There is no disputing it, the scenes in the Matrix are terrific, which is why the earlier films are better.

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