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Alternative Reality, Drama - Crime

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Released 2006 Rating 15 in UK
Director Tom Tykwer Writer/s Andrew Birkin, Bernd Eichinger, Tom Tykwer
Starring Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Alan Rickman, John Hurt (Narrator)
Source of story A book by Patrick Süskind
Elevator Pitch A young man, raised in the grimy underbelly of 18th century Paris, is driven by his heightened sense of smell to become involved in the production of perfume, and after accidentally killing a young woman embarks on a mission to capture the essential female scent, causing him to carry out further murders.
Content A lot of grime and detritus in Paris. Many scenes of naked young women, alive and dead. Numerous very elaborate presentations of the scenery and cities of 18th century France. Much made of the production of perfume(known apparently as enfleurage). An orgy – but can’t say more.
A View The scenes are fascinating, but the use of a narrator for much of the film betrays the failings, or possiby the difficulties, of making the movie of the book. In the end we became irritated by it, as elaborate scenes, some with little point, were presented – for the excessive two and a half hours of its run time.

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